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Building confidence

I doubt anyone would ever say they want to be less confident. We intuitively know that confidence is helpful, for performance at the level we are at today and to help us develop towards our full potential. But how do you build confidence? What should you work on? C = P + S Or, inContinue reading “Building confidence”

Transitioning to the new normal – advice for athletes

As athletes across Australia prepare for a return to training, here are some considerations to smooth your psychological transition. Going back to the new normal After spending several weeks training on your own and interacting with coaches via video calls, the prospect of getting back to some semblance of normality is exciting. However, our mentalContinue reading “Transitioning to the new normal – advice for athletes”

Psychology and high performance sport

Psychology support has become a common, and important, element of the high-performance sport environment. Psychologists essentially perform two critical roles. First, they help athletes and teams develop strategies and skills to perform as close to their full potential when it matters most. Second, they help people within the sport environment (often, but not exclusively, athletes)Continue reading “Psychology and high performance sport”

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